Union Printing is a leader in this sector, a point of reference on a national level for all phases of the printing business, offering service and assistance from file preparation to pre-print, through the printing, finishing and distribution process. Union Printing’s production cycle is capable of responding to the Client’s every possible need: the variety of offset printing presses in our plant, sheet-fed and rotary presses, allows us to print simple products in limited quantities as well as large editions for mass distribution, from fliers and brochures to prestigious art editions. Union Printing’s productivity is based on a 10 color, front/back print, sheet-fed press that accomodates 70×100 cm sheets and 3 rotary presses manned by 60 master printers working 8 hour shifts daily, 24/7 in our Viterbo plant. All machines are connected to a computerized system that monitors the timing of the production process, which guarantees an astounding annual output.

Printing Presses

The production cycle of the Union Printing S.p.A. It is able to satisfy all customer requirements: its offset machines, cutting-edge, sheet and coil, makes it possible to realize the simplest printed in a limited edition to that aimed at large retailers. from brochures to art book.
Its ability; production is based on four presses and on a machine in sheet format 72×105 to 10 colors with perfector element, with the attainment of a productivity of 50,000 copies l & rsquo; now. Is expressed through employment of more than 80 employees working in three shifts a day, 7 days out of 7, the plant owned
site in Viterbo. Printing machines, all connected to the computer system for real-time control of the production situation, allow to develop an annual production of over 600 million revolutions. The Union Printing S.p.A. also boasts the structural partnership with other companies could then produce with 48 presses and 64 pages..

Web Offset


Sheet Offset


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Prepress and Workflow

The integrated concept of Union Printing S.p.A. It is accomplished by adopting an innovative Management System, designed to optimize the activities of support to the production and ensure a consistent flow of quality & agrave; at all stages.
Within the whole of the print cycle, the digital processing of images leads to the optimization of the operating flow with the reduction of machine start-up times. The network of the prepress department, based primarily on Macintosh and IBM server platform, uses an advanced backup system. Integrated cutting-edge technologies in the web offset process also allow customization of print, from staples to the cellophane wrapping, and automation for the construction of pallets. To complete the cycle of production, it contributes a warehouse owned paper with wide range of coils, which allows you to manage the economy and price competition.